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We provide car rental services since 1968.We are one of the first founded Greek companies in the car rental sector.We own a reliable car fleet and we provide prompt customer service.Our fleet consists of a wide range of car types (economic,suv,luxury,family,vans for professional user), scooters or motorcycles that aim to cover your explorational and touring needs at the city of Athens and its historical center.We aim to raise the Apollo Rent A Car Group to the top of the Greek car rental market with long-term and direct cooperation with all major airports in Greece, having our services and customer satisfaction as our major qualification.Contact us about any questions you might have, we will be happy to help you.Finally we would like to inform you that we maintain a Facebook , Twitter and Instagram page where we periodically post special offers for our friends.

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Αθήνα Καταστημα 1: Αεροδρόμιο Αθηνών("Ελ.Βενιζέλος")Καταστημα 2: Λιοσίων 95 Αθήνα

  • Αττική Οδός, Έξοδος Κ1 Κορωπί, 194 00
  • Τηλέφωνο:(+30)210 2010066
  • info@apollorentacar.gr

ΘεσσαλονίκηΑεροδρόμιο Θεσσαλονίκης ("Μακεδονία")

  • 14χλμ Θεσσαλονίκης Νέας Μηχανιώνας Θέρμη, 570 01
  • Τηλέφωνο:(+30)231 0474041
  • info@apollorentacar.gr



  • Βασιλείου Γουλανδρή καί γυμναστηρίου Άνδρος, 845 01
  • Τηλέφωνο:(+30)228 2071177
  • infoandros@apollorentacar.gr



Contact us

For any queries or clarifications about our services or any other matter, please fill out the form below and one of our direct representatives will contact you with the contact details you have provided.

  • Αττική Οδός, Έξοδος Κ1-49,9 χλμ
  • 194 00, Κορωπί
  • Τηλέφωνο:(+30)210 2010066
  • E-mail: info@apollorentacar.gr